Print Portfolio

I have over 25 years of experience in print design – from business cards to magazines and catalogs. Well versed in the print process, I’ve directed complex projects from start to finish. Let me help you make your ideas jump off the page!

Kyrene de la Colina Mural Project

This project was a labor of love! It was so peaceful to paint again. It had been since 2005 that I had done anything this large-scale. I had a little helper along the way named Abby. She was so patient with me and my work. She helped me paint and prep the wall for the colors and then helped me sketch the design on the wall. Later on in the process she said, “mommy, can I paint the paw print?”. I, of course, obliged! Such a sweetheart.

Oil on Canvas – Tiger Portrait

I originally got started on this painting some time ago. After a burst of energy I got going on the blank canvas. I added some new paint to the tiger portrait about a month ago. The eyes are not done but the base layers of paint are starting to go on. Oils take so long to dry. It’s much different than painting with acrylics that dry in like 10-15 minutes. The colors are starting to come together now. Can’t wait until it dries! It’s finally dry and about a month later. I am going to continue to add layers of oil paint until I get what I like. I finally have someone that I can give this painting to. I added color to his eyes and finished out the under painting. Now to WAIT…AGAIN! It’s finally done. Got this one to Super-Tiger in time for her birthday this year. Hooray! She will have something to cherish for a lifetime!!!

Fine Art Portfolio

Fine art, sketching and painting were some of my first artistic passions. Today that skill set transfers over to my love of graphic design.

Web UX/UI & Email Marketing

I have extensive knowledge of web marketing and can design anything from marketing emails, banner advertisements and user interfaces to Facebook pages and social networking graphics. I have over 15 years of experience in web design, user experience and user interfaces.

Della’s Birthday Bash

Fun was had by all. Special appearances by Tattoo and crew from Fantasy Island, The Jersey Boys and Michael Jackson. No animals were harmed in the making of these photos. Happy Birthday Ms. Della!!! We love you!!!

Tonya’s Maternity Session

And then there were four! Thanks for the great session Tonya…can’t wait to meet the new arrival, hugs!!!

Wiseman Family Portraits

Welcome to the Wiseman family portrait session. Fun was had by all but Josh! We couldn’t quite get him to smile. Needless to say, there was a little coaxing involved!!

Landscape Photography

I am inspired by nature and especially the beauty of the Arizona desert! Explore and enjoy.

Abstract Photography

Abstract photography captures a unique perspective and focuses on shape, form, color, pattern and texture. Beauty can spring from common objects using the lens to capture what is unseen to the naked eye. 

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