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photography faq’s

Amy Daggett Photography is a digital photography & graphic design studio.

I’ve been taking pictures and doing artistic stuff since I was a kid. My photography skills have developed over the years and I have learned to use technology in my favor. I learned how to use many different cameras over the years from film to digital. See what I can do for you today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions & answers about what I do at Daggett Photography

What do I get for my session fee?

It depends on what type of session you schedule with me. Check out the pricing sheets on the work page. Typical sessions come with around 10-20 images that have been professionally culled and retouched for maximum quality. Final high resolution images come on a USB memory stick in a personalized tin with recommendations on where to print them. Images can be used for print or web but copyright belongs to Amy Daggett Photography.

Do you retouch old photographs?

Yes, I do. A recent project that I completed for a high school had photographs that were so faded by the sun and stained that I spent several days on each photograph, scanning, color correcting and digitally retouching all of the stains out of them. If you have an original printed photograph that is lacking color or quality and you need it retouched, I can scan it, retouch it and reprint it. Ask me about pricing through my contact page on the website.

How much do you charge for business portraits?

It depends on what you need. Seven to ten head shots will probably cost you anywhere from $175 to $200 depending on location and difficulty of the shots. You will get a custom USB stick from me with all the portraits on it to use as you see fit.

Can you shoot family sessions with more than 6 people?

Yes. I charge each session differently depending on how difficult I think the session might get. Working with more than 6 people can be challenging. Session pricing is determined upon meeting the entire family and knowing what is expected from me.

How long is a senior session?
And how many oufits can I bring to my session?

Senior sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more depending on the desires of the client. With more wardrobe changes comes more time and more variety in your session. I recommend bringing at least one change of wardrobe for a senior session. Props are always a good idea too, like a cap and gown or sporting equipment.

How many pictures can I buy from my session?

All of them if you want! Depending on the type of session you book will determine how many poses I take. For senior sessions I usually cull at least 15 shots for finals. For business head shots it’s usually around 10. For any other session it would depend on the client and what they are looking for. The more you spend on the session fee determines how many photos I take away from the session.

Can you take and retouch product photos?
How much do you charge for retouching?

Yes, I can shoot products in-studio or on location depending on the desires of the client. I shoot a lot of products on white or backgrounds which I then create clipping paths for the client. Check out my fee pages for photos and retouching.

Can you take photos for Etsy, Craigslist & Ebay?

Yes, I take a lot of photos for Etsy and Ebay clients. Just email me and let me know what you need and I can arrange to take the photos and drop them out of a background. Most of this type of photography has to be done in my studio.

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