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about the photographer

about daggett photography

With over 31 years of industry experience since establishing my business in 1993, I specialize in portraiture, landscapes, nature, and product photography. My expertise extends to photography, drawing, painting, graphic design, as well as web and UX/UI design.

The dynamic nature of modern photography offers countless creative possibilities, which I continually explore to deliver exceptional results for my clients. Below, you will find a selection of my fine art landscapes capturing the stunning beauty of Arizona. For inquiries or to discuss how I can meet your photography and design needs, please contact me via the number on my contact page.

the 411

Extremely Creative / Highly Detail Oriented / Remarkably Versatile

As a talented and highly energetic photographer, I have a proven track record of delivering results-driven photography that aligns with both client desires and business goals. My expertise spans creative direction, art and photo direction, digital photography, image retouching, and graphic design, including web design, production, and illustration.

I excel at blending client desires, business objectives, and design best practices to create impactful photographs and designs for both print and web. Known for thriving in high-pressure environments, I bring exceptional attention to detail and versatility across a wide range of mediums and techniques.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on Graphic Design from Arizona State University, earned in 1993.

Portrait of the Artist

Amy Daggett

Photographer/creative director

As a photographer, graphic designer, and fine artist, I offer my clients a diverse array of skills and expertise to choose from.

my history is what makes me unique

For many years I loved to draw and paint. When I was growing up my passion was illustration of natural objects such as butterflies, insects and small animals. Then there was the occasional fantasy painting or cartoon drawing piled in my plethora of sketches and drawings. I expanded my love for art by learning how to shoot photography. I learned on a traditional film camera and then later expanded by moving to digital photography and digital retouching.

From there I learned how to do the most amazing things with the camera. All the while, painting and drawing so much that I was running out of space for all of my artwork. When I graduated high school I decided to pursue my love for art by completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, focused in Graphic Design. From there my art career would explode into great things.

I became a Senior Graphic Designer for Insight in the mid 90’s, Corporate Art Director for Action Performance Companies in the late 90’s, Web Designer for Allegro Medical in the early 2000’s, all the while running my own company as Creative Director, Fine Artist and Photographer for Daggett Creative. I use every one of my skills that I learned in past jobs in my business today.

Call me today and see what I can do you for you!

my clients past and present

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